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Social Anxiety Tips to Help Cope

When you feel like a social outcast, you often suffer from something called social anxiety. Going out into the public world and coping with who you truly are can become a challenge. The following article will give you some sound advice to help cope with social anxiety. The first step to coping with social anxiety is identifying the underlying cause. Some people suffer from this type of anxiety due to childhood traumatic situations. Others may suffer from social anxiety due in part to self-esteem issues or the […]

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Anxiety Panic Attacks and Fear

If you have ever had anxiety panic attacks in your life, you have known mortal fear. I never realized how serious an anxiety panic attack was until I had my first. I don’t know if anxiety attacks run in families, but in mine they sure do. My mother used to have them all the time. By all the time, of course, I mean once a month, but it seemed often enough. After one of her anxiety attacks, things were not the same for weeks. It could happen […]

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What is Social Anxiety Disorder

Do you have intense feelings of discomfort and fear when in social situations? You may have social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder affects millions of people around the world and varies greatly from person to person. However, it is important to know that if you find social settings unbearable, you can get help. A doctor will be able to help you treat your social anxiety disorder so that you can live a normal life instead of being paralyzed by fear. It’s hard to pin down the exact […]

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